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Top 10 Little Known Facts about Our Beloved Childhood DC Heroes

We grew up seeing, reading, and watching our heroes prevail over the, what it seems, unstoppable forces of evil. Without thanks and always given ridicule, they put on their capes and uniforms to protect us every day and night. To add to the... Read More

Top 10 Must-See Animated TV Shows for Adults

Who said cartoons are only for kids? Here are some of the best animated TV shows for adults audience. 10 The Critic The show as about a New York film critic who has to review the most pathetic movies. Most if not all of the movies are parody... Read More

Top 10 Craziest Modern Guitar Solos

Technical genre’s like metal, rock, djent, and progressive metal all pride themselves on how insanely talented they are. Among metalheads and djentlemen, solos are one of the most beloved sections of a song. The more insane. The more memorable.... Read More