Top 10 Comedy Movies

I always hear people saying that good comedy movies are hard to come by. Well I am here to partially solve that for you. Here is a list of the top 10 comedy movies.



Who knew golf could be so funny? Well it can be. The movie is pretty crude, and I think thats part of its charm. This is also probably Bill Murray’s best movie, other than Ghost Busters, which almost gained this spot. A perfect old school comedy. Also if you liked it, go and watch Happy Gilmore as well. It’s like its spiritual sequel.


21 Jump Street

Not to be confused with the show of the same name, starring Johnny Depp, from which it was adapted from. This is a buddy-cop movie, in which if you can’t laugh, you are dead inside. The two lead actors form an unlikely partnership and most of the humor comes from that. One of them (Jonah), is a complete textbook nerd, while Tatum is a typical jock. They work together to use their advantages to the best possible use. They infiltrate a high school, posing as normal students (there are constant jokes made on how they look too old for school), to catch a drug dealer selling a new type of drug. I already spoke too much about the story. Just go watch it. Also 22 Jump Street wasnt bad either, but I still prefer the original.



This one is a classic. It’s a disaster comedy film, and what I loved about it was the unbelievably crazy jokes which were set up. This movie makes fun of every disaster movie before and after it, perfectly. As you may have already figured out from the title the movie is about a disaster on an airplane. This is a perfect movie to watch with friends, or when you are down. And it can be rewatched, to catch the jokes you have missed, since even what the background cast is doing is funny.


The Princess Bride

If someone told me to watch a movie with that name, I would just stare blankly at them. The movie is based on a book with the same name, which the author wrote for his daughters, when they asked to be read a story about a princess and a bride, he simply joined the two ideas into one. Don’t let the name fool you, the movie has a very sharp sense of humor and witty characters. It’s a fantasy comedy film, which is a pretty unique genre mashup. I can’t talk too much about the plot without risking spoilers, Buttercup (the main female protagonist), is forced to marry a prince, before she is kidnapped, and then events take an interesting turn.


Shaun of the Dead

This movie was the second of the ‘Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy’, but unlike how middle children usually turn out, this movie was the strongest, in terms of story and comedy. Having said that, you should obviously watch the other two aswell, namely Hot Fuzz, and The Worlds End. The movie spoofs a lot of zombie films, but it’s primarily an homage to ”Dawn of the Dead”, for which they even copied the title. For those who don’t know about Dawn of the Dead, it’s a classic horror film by George A. Romero, which is probably what caused this modern-day zombie craze. That reminds me, I once read somewhere that usually when the economy is doing bad, people start to care more about end of the world myths and creatures such as vampires and zombies. We tend to view things in extremes. The movie is a horror comedy (not a genre mashup you see every day), and every line of spoken dialogue is either a reference to a prior zombie movie, or a clever joke. The story is pretty much how a bunch of British people survive the rise of the undead.



If you can tolerate blatant racism, and are willing to judge a film in the fictional context it has created, then you should not miss out on this. Borat is a Kazakh journalist, who travels to the US to learn about them. Sacha Baron Cohen (yes he is related to the famous psychologist), who plays Borat, actually interviews real life Americans, so in a way it has tinge of realism in it. The movie is laugh out loud funny, and I loved watching how normal people reacted to this caricature of a character. If you are interested in tabloid speculation, then this movie caused Pamela Anderson to file for divorce.


Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Ok so the movie is in black and white. If you can’t stand that, you should skip over to the next point on the list. Now since we got rid of all the eleven year olds, I can talk about this classic. The movie is a satire on the nonsense we call the ‘Nuclear Age’. Poking fun on the fact that we now own weapons which can end our species, many times over with a single push of a button. Basically an airforce officer goes rogue and orders his wing to attack Russia. When Pentagon finds out, they try to haphazardly try to stop the impending Russian retaliation, which would have led to a full-scale nuclear war. Peter Sellers makes the movie, he plays three roles, all of them brilliantly, including the eponymous Dr. Strangelove, an ex-Nazi scientific advisor in the War Room. Don’t let the heavy subject matter scare you away though, it’s a comedy, albeit of a heavier tone. But Kubrick holds your hand throughout the movie, and it never seems overwhelming until the end.



I am pretty sure, this is one movie you would have already heard about. It’s a cult classic, with a lot of recognisable actors. The movie is extremely quotable, and it gets crazier every 15 minutes. In fact some scenes will leave you speechless. It’s about this anchorman Ron Burgundy, and his three-man news team. And their fight to the top. If you like it watch Anchorman 2, right after watching this. In case you have already seen part 2, you should still watch part 1. I think the original was better.


The Guard

Here is a dark comedy for you, which will leave you in a laughing fit. The humor is obviously British, so if that’s not your thing, watch it anyways. I think this movie should be the entry point for people to get into British humor. The thing is British humor, unlike American humor is extremely subtle, dry and uses a lot of play on words. If you blink you miss it, kind of thing. So this movie is about a deeply cynical police officer in Ireland, who gets involved in a massive drug bust with a CIA agent and some memorable villains (that’s right, plural). He is played by the brilliant Brendan Gleeson. I think I gave you enough reasons to watch this movie, honestly I don’t want to divulge the plot too much since its pretty interesting. Now go watch it, because some list on the internet told you to!


Monty Python And The Holy Grail

Anyone reading this list probably saw this one coming, a mile away. No comedy list is complete without Monty Python. Not only is this movie probably the funniest you movie you can see. But it is constantly referenced by modern comedians and movies. Getting back to the Holy Grail, the movie is about King Arthur (who is also mentioned in another list of ours) and his loyal yet incompetent followers in the search for the Grail. Their adventure is riddled with crazy characters and insane antics by the main cast. It’s also a surprisingly smart social commentary on the dark ages. Did I mention that its hilarious? If you like this, don’t miss out on Life of Brian, which is by the same team in the same comedic style.



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