10 Dressing Rules for Women

Here are some of the dressing rules I have learned.


Vertical is Better!

Go for stripes, a long V-neck or  more elongated prints. This will add length and reduce width. Minimize all horizontal patterns.


Mix it Up

Dont just wear one shade head-to-toe. Mix it up. You can do this either by using different colors, or by using different shades of the same color. This will also help define your body shape.


Just remember, All colors don’t go together

Its always nice to experiment, but some color combinations are just a big no-no; red and parrot green, for example. Also avoid brown and grey.


Black and navy blue work!

Who says black and navy blue don’t go together? A black coat with a navy blue scarf is your perfect winter outfit!


On Boots

I cannot stress this enough; invest in a pair of boots. Or four for that matter. My flat boots are a chocolate brown color with a furry lining and they are, without doubt, the best thing to have happened to me. Make sure you go for a length that accentuates your legs. Also, boots over uggs any day.


Jeans are supposed to make your butt look good

They have all those different jeans for different body types for a reason. Stop kidding yourself and go for the jeans that, not only fits you, but also defines all those curves.


Accept it and Flaunt it

Its okay if you’re not a size zero. Wear colors, patterns and shapes that emphasize all your strong points. Try bringing the gaze to your shoulders, waist, and legs (diverting it from other areas)


Stay away from Crocs

Do I even need to say this? Stay away from crocs. If, due to some unavoidable circumstance, you have become a victim of this wretched vogue, burn them.


Make a Statement

You don’t have to follow trends. Its okay if you prefer backpacks over handbags, or stilettos over sneakers. As long as you’re comfortable (and it looks good), carry it with confidence.


Fashion Ramps vs. Real Life

Not everything you see on fashion shows is trendy. I mean, you cant wear a dress made out of toilet paper to work now, can you? When deciding your wardrobe, don’t forget what is practical and what is not.



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