Top 10 Best Indie Games

Indie games are characterized by their innovation, and willingness to take risks. Thats why we love them, and its the same reason they are beating the hell out of AAA games. Without further ado I present to you the best indie games.


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

This is an unstructured horror game about exploration. You are looking for Ethan Carter (surprise?) in probably the best looking environment of any recent game. I read somewhere that they stiched high res pictures of actual objects and used them in-game. The game will scare you, yet you will still want to explore its richly detailed world.


Never Alone

Its good to learn about interesting new cultures. Its about Alaskan native people called Iñupiaq’s. The gameplay is similar to Two Brothers and Limbo. An atmospheric platformer at heart. You control a natic girl and a mysterious fox, in a search to find the origins of a bizzard threating her village.


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

I had to include atleast one roguelike. The game itself is a remake of a game with the same name. The story is inspired by the Biblical Isaac, and its actually pretty disturbing. The gameplay is in the form of a 2d dungeon explorer. If these types of games interest you, this game is at the top of the pile.


The Long Dark

The gameplay of this game is similar in a way to Ethan Carter. A first person world exploration game. You are in the Canadian wilderness trying to survive after a global disaser. One thing which interested me was that you also have to worry about water, not many games do that. And when you die, its permanent. And you have to restart all over again. Sadly this game isn’t finished yet (its available on Early Access though, but I suggest you wait till the final full release).


This War Of Mine

War games are always about the soldiers, what about the civilians? Well this game answers the call. You control a small group of civilians trying to survive in a war zone. You manage resources, and your people will die. But with some skill you can turn their living space into something well, livable. The game is still pretty dark though.



I think this game is made for me. You pick a race, with a rich backstory and are thrust into space. You land on a habitable planet, look for resources, improve you space ship and do story missions. Its an RPG, Minecraft and an exploration sim crammed into one.


Divinity: Original Sin

So you like oldschool RPG’s eh? This game was made for you then. At times its extremely difficult but the story pulls it through. There is very little wrong with this game, if you love the genre. I also felt this game is better than Wasteland 2 which was released around the same time of this game. This list was featured in another list of ours about the best RPG games.


Endless Legend

Another new entry to this list. This game has what the Civilization games should have had more of- Personality. You pick a mythical race, and while the game is formed like a top down turn based strategy game, it feels more like an RPG. The story forms as you continue to play.



You all probably know about this classic already. This game is about doing whatever you want. That pretty much sums it up. You can build a massive fort, or recreate the Disney castle, or just make a computer inside the game, or play it online with your friends in a pvp survival map. There is no limit to this game, other than your imagination. Kinda like Lego.


Kerbal Space Program

This is an indie game done right. An extremely addictive game about exploring planets and planting your flag on them couldn’t have been done better. The best part though is designing your own space craft and have it blossom in the air. Did I mention that the game isn’t even done yet.



Life is like the Shawshank Redemption, but with more tunneling through shit and no freaking redemption.Also I love historical things, creepy stuff, and videogames.

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