Top 10 Best Strategy Games Of All Time

Finding good strategy games is difficult, as there are not many to begin with. Here I have made a collection of new and old best strategy games, which everyone should play. These are the gems in the genre, and if you are even mildly interested in it, then you should play all of them.

List will be updated yearly.



Homeworld Remastered
best strategy games


This game is the newest entry to this list. Space games have a certain quality of calmness and isolation about them which I love. The remastered has both part 1 and part 2 included with modern graphics, the gameplay is virtually identical with the originals though. The story of the single player mode is the biggest selling point, it is exactly like Battlestar Galactica, as the humans lose their homeworld and start searching for a new one. And it plays like a traditional top down RTS. Its also difficult and complicated as hell.


XCom: Enemy Unknown
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Another really difficuly game, with aliens. You are leading a top secret UN-like organisation whose sole purpose is to stop an impending alien invasion. The game is about choices, should you defend the Americans for an aid bonus, or go for Africa to grab the latest alien technology upgrades from the fallen UFO. You will be commanding a small troop of elite soldiers, who die for good if they die in battle. So yes your veteran from the first mission can die forever with one drunken misclick in the wrong cover location. A very stressful, yet deeply rewarding game.


Shogun 2: Total War

best strategy games

This is the best recent Total War game made my Creative Assembly (yes I played Rome 2, and Attila). They reached a level of perfection they couldn’t recreate, with small yet packed map size, a variety of units, a beautiful art style and a chaotic late game. Everything a good strategy game should have. For those unfamiliar with Total War games (living under a rock, have we?) you control a kingdom from a map mode (in turned based mode) where you manage finances, keep your family and generals loyal and happy, build castles, and raise armies. Then you can fight battles in real time, where you control each unit and fight against of thousands of soldiers. You can also fight naval battles, and skip them if you like managing more than actually fighting.


Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

This game has full motion cutscenes! That is amazing on its own. Its also a deeply tactical and fun RTS game. The single player is among the most fun I have played. Make sure to find some friends and play it on multiplayer as well.


FTL: Faster Than Light

Another relatively new entry in the list. And its based on space setting (surprise). You control a small space vessel tasked with delivering a message from one corner of the universe to the other. The game is difficult, and you will learn to love losing. Part of the challenge comes from the fact that you are always running out of something, either you have low ammo before a big fight, low fuel before a big jump, or are just under staffed and can’t fully utilize the new awesome defense shields you just bought.


Tropico 5
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The Tropico series is an example of squandered potential. They started out strong, but the newest versions of the game have been hurt by the lack of innovation. Still they are better than the others, as the competition for a city building simulator where you play as a dictator (benevolent or malevolent) is non-existent. You are El Presidente, who has just taken over a small carribean island. You can either turn it into a capitalist utopia, or a communist heaven. All the while balancing the world super powers against each other. Or you can go your own way and make the nuke. This game will eat up all your free time.


Advance Wars
best strategy games


This is an old classic. A turn based tactics game on the GBA (you can play it on the DS as well). Its sequel was great too. You control a variety of modern military units, and have to plan out each turn very carefully to win. Don’t let the old graphics fool you, the game is extremely fun, with a nice story. And the combat is surprisingly indepth too, as terrain and weather have a substantial affect.


StarCraft II

A no-brainer, most of you were already expecting this to be somewhere. This is the premier RTS game. I loved the single player campaign with a western theme for the humans. And the final upcoming chapter will hopefully be amazing. The real meat though is in the multiplayer. Its extremely competetive, and very brutal. I have lost many times in the early minutes, due to bad base defence.


Age of Empires 2 HD

You can never go wrong with this game. This is the HD remake of the game, with some modern additions like steam support. At its heart its still the classic you grew up loving. With the campaign in which you actually learn about history to the multiplayer in which you learn to hate your friends. Go for this game.


Civilization V
best strategy games


This game started the ‘one more turn’ mantra. It is not a game, its an addiction. When you install the game and run it for the first time, say good bye to your friends and family for the next week. You control the fate of a civilization from the early stone age to the space age. All the while trying to stay alive and convincing Gandhi not to nuke you. This is a very broad strategy game (unlike the Total War games, where you have to think small picture sometimes aswell, because that can change the game). You don’t have to be full macho militaristic to win the game though, you can win by science (going to the moon), diplomacy (elect yourself world leader in the UN), or the cultural victory which I could never win (make the utopia project).



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