Top 10 Best Tycoon Games Of All Time

I used to love tycoon games as a child. Actually I still do. Here is my collection of the best tycoon games of all time. I have tried my best to include some of the newer games as well as the old classics. Here goes-


Prison Architect

This is an example of an Early Access game done right. It gets constant updates, which are pretty substantial. The game is about designing a prison and managing it. The subject matter sometimes is pretty funny and other times it can be surprisingly serious and heartfelt. Don’t let the simple graphics fool you, the gameplay is deep.


Game Dev Story
best tycoon games


A super addictive game about running your own game company. Thats right, its a game about making games. And who knew it could be so fun. This game has totally drained the battery of my phone on more than one occassion due to too much playing. Not many phone games can claim the same.


Trevor Chan’s Capitalism Lab


If you are a business student, play this game, if you like making money, play this game, if you like money, play this game. Just play it. This is probably the most robust industry/supply-chain simulators out there. The concept is simple, you start a company and then from there you can turn it into the new Apple or become an oil tycoon. Or just play around in the in-game stock market. The options are endless.


Tropico 5


I mentioned this game before in our top strategy games, and for good reason. The game is basically a ‘be a dictator’ simulator, with a lot of business and city management thrown in. Thats a great thing. You learn about cyclical demand, and about the volatile global market. Also you can arrest your own citizens for causing dissent, whats not to love?


best tycoon games


As I have mentioned before, I love space related games. This game fits the bill. You manage a super huge space station, which also serves as a trading hub. The graphics still hold up today, and the game can be quite difficult at times. Also its amazingly interesting to play around with the alien races.


Railroad Tycoon Series
best tycoon games


Now when I mean the series, I mean part 2, 3 and Sid Meier’s Railroads!, basically all of them. This is one of the first real economic sims out there, where you actually play as a tycoon. The goal is to monopolize the railroads and develop your connected towns by the resources they need, all the while making an enormous profit and advancing the technology level of your trains. If this didn’t get you interested, I don’t know what will, go play it!


Sim City 4
best tycoon games


A true classic. Avoid the disaster which was the ‘new’ Sim City, go straight for the classic. And don’t forget to play it with the essential NAM mod, which adds a lot of fixes for the transport system. So basically this is the best city building game out there, with a modern setting. You arrange for water, electricity, taxes, garbage disposal etc for an entire city. The game has a crazy amount of depth, don’t hear me talk about it, try it out.


Transport Tycoon Deluxe

This game I will admit is a little hard for me. You control a company and try to profit by transporting them via sea, land and air. Think a broader version of Railroad Tycoon. It’s also available on the Android but I will recommend you only play it if you have a big screen, as the text can get tiny at times.


Theme Hospital
best tycoon games


This game is hilarious. And thats the funny part, a game about hospitals which is a pretty morbid subject, has been turned into something funny. So without spoiling too much, you control a hospital and have to take care of patients with *ahem* interesting diseases.


Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Platinum

This is the ‘The’ tycoon game of our generation. Not only is it fun, looks nice and is in-depth. It also comes packaged with a roller coaster builder, which you can ride with a first person camera. Yes Screamride copied this from them. This game did it first. Anyways when you are not building amazing and scary roller coasters, you manage a park, which also can add animals (zoo), water rides (water theme park) and costumed staff to entertain children (Disney?). And the best part is that if a ride is too rough, people actually puke around it, and then you have to hire staff to clean it up. Is this game amazing or what?



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