Top 10 Historical PC Games

Here are the best historical PC games currently available.


Europa 1400/The Guild 2

The guild games are a family management games, your goal is to make your family (or dynasty as it’s called in the game) the strongest in the city. You are trying to raise your family’s rank and wealth while making sure it survives. How do you make sure your family survives you ask? Well you make babies of course. You can chose up to four professions that includes rouge, scholar, craftsman or patron each profession includes a variety of jobs you can do to earn money. You can marry someone with the same or a different profession, your children will gain the profession of the equal gender parent so your son will get the profession of the father and you daughter the profession of the mother but you can change their profession by paying for their education. The games are really fun, I personality spent a lot of hours thinking I’m starting to be pretty good at them only to then realize I suck at it.

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Call of Duty 1-3

WAIT! Before you start raging at me saying that the call of duty series are not historical or realistic in any way, think back and I mean way back. Before the zombie mods and the brainless run and gun, Call of duty was a WW2 shooter and was actually pretty good for its time. It had very good mechanics and for its time pretty good graphics as well. Overall it felt fresh something new and polished, then they decided to make it a modern shooter, they made one good game I will give them that, but well the rest are just money grabs in my opinion.


Company of Heroes Series


Company of heroes is a real time strategy game that takes place in WW2. The game resource gathering is quite unique, while in most real time strategy games you have units that are designed and built to gather resource and are pretty week in combat, Company of heroes uses a territory resource system where you capture territory to gain resource from it, the territory must be connected to your base through other territories to gain the resources of said territory. The combat system is quite interesting as well, with systems like the cover system where in a straight out fire fight the unit with the better cover will most likely win but with explosives a cover can be destroyed leaving a unit with no cover and very vulnerable, Another system is the suppression system when a unit that is not under good cover and is under heavy fire from an automatic weapon or explosives they gain penalties like reduced movement speed and accuracy. Leaving a lot of strategy death like lure the enemy into thinking they got the better position because their cover is better then throw a grenade at their cover and rip them to piece.

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The Assassin’s Creed Series

Let’s pretend unity never came out shall we?
Assassin’s creed games are a stealth assassination games. You assassinate targets and effect history, well that’s how you feel any way but in reality almost all the assassinations in the games happened in real life which is actually cooler if you ask me, so basically just like the story line tells you, you are just replaying history not really effecting it. While the original games were very much about stealth assassinations the newer ones in the series feel more like historical Rambo assassinations to me, Though let’s be honest here while I did like the games more when they were stealth games the newer games are still very good and not only that they are still historically accurate. But again the newer games in the series are criticized for being less accurate then the originals. Is this just me or is the series just going downhill in general?

Get Assassin’s Creed 2 (the best in the series)


Heroes and Generals

Heroes and generals is an mmo WW2 shooter/strategy game, the gameplay is polished but the graphic is lacking for a game that came out recently to early accesses and with no release date yet. The game has a war map where the allies fight vs the axis for Europe by fighting over cities villages and forts, and when someone wins by capturing 75% of the major cities the map resets itself. So what does it mean shooter/strategy you ask? Well it has two parts of it and they effect each other the generals are the strategy players they chose where to attack in the war map and have a limited amount of squads they can deploy, the higher rank the general the more squads he can deploy. The “Heroes’ are the shooter players they are the solider that are in the squads the generals send to attack/defend and their job is to capture/defend the objective that the general sent them to.

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The Total War Series

total war historical games

The Total war series are turn base strategy and management games with real time(ish) combat. Your job is to make sure your empire/kingdom/country doesn’t fall and more importantly stay in your family’s care, so once again make babies. You can approach this games from economic perspective trying to establish the best trade routes, or like me from a war perspective fighting every one you see (and then realizing that that was a mistake) the combat though is what sets it apart from other turn base strategy games, with massive scale combat that is just beautiful to watch. I can’t tell you how many times I just sat there watching my units fight after I gave them all the orders I wanted, it’s a lot more satisfying then you might think. You can give orders on the fly or what you more likely to be doing is pausing mid battle to give orders.

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The Civilization Series (disregarding Beyond Earth)

The Civilization series, the game series I still think that in order to beat in the hardest difficulty you need to be a genius I mean seriously instead of using some annoying IQ test let them play Civilization on the hardest difficulty and see how they do. Civilization games are a turn base 4x games what is 4x game you ask? Its eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate so they are 4eX games where you need to eXplore the map eXpand your territory eXploit resources you find and my favorite eXterminate your enemies. In Civilization you try to build an empire, you less focus on the little things like in management games but more about the big stuff like politics, production, trades, defense and if you are like me attack (a lot). You will still be managing your cities and resources making sure your citizens are happy and in fact it’s a pretty big part of the game but it’s not the main focus of the games. Talk about a historical pc game.

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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry is a 3d fighting game, it lets you jump into the shoes of a solider in the medieval era. You can chose from a variety of weapons like one handed swords two handed swords maces axes bows cross bows and many more. There’s not much I can say about this game it has nice graphic and very good gameplay, overall this game is a fun casual fighting game that you can hop into for a couple of hours and then realize you are sitting on your computer for eight.

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Age of Empires Series

One of the first games I ever played was age of empires 1 and I think it might be one of the reasons it got so high in the list but hey it’s my list. The Age of empires series are a real time strategy games that focuses on building your empire and advancing technologically. Depending on which game and expansion you play your starting technology point will be different and so will be your end game technology, but basically the main goal of the game is to gather resources to be able to build an army and advancing your technology to build a stronger army and then defeat your enemies. Pretty basic real time strategy stuff but for it’s time it was genius.

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Mount and Blade

mount and blade historical pc games

In my opinion Mount and blade is one of the best games ever made, it combines elements from rpg games real time strategy games turn based strategy games fighting games and even management games (while I will agree the management elements are fairly basic stuff and not too in-depth but it’s still cool to have it there) You can be a badass warrior that charges into battle ahead of his troops you can be a merchant using mercenaries to do your biddings while you sit back and watch your enemies die. You can be a king a knight a bandit, anything just name it and you can probably be it. And if you can’t then you can find a mod that lets you which leads me to my next point. What makes this game truly great is its modding community with mods that almost feel like a triple-A expansion for the game like the game of thrones mod or the Rome era mod or many other like it.

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