Top 10 Modern PC RPG’s

If you really want to lose yourself in a video game, play a PC RPG. It stands for a Role Playing Game. The idea is to create a world so rich and diverse while giving you so much freedom that you get totally get lost in. Now prepare to lose a lot of sleep, as they are dangerously addictive. You have been warned.

Note- “Modern” in this case means games from roughly the last two decades.


Torchlight II

This is an Action Role Playing Game (ARPG), where you explore a huge world map. Collect loot and slay foes. The story isn’t that memorable, and a bit a crazy at times, but the real fun of this game comes in randomly exploring the map and doing side-quests for better weapons. You also get a pet in the game who you can upgrade, which acts as a courier, going back and forth to the closest town getting supplies. It’s similar to Diablo 3 in play style, I think Torchlight does it better.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Easily one of the best games of all time. It takes the extremely interesting Star Wars setting and takes it to the next level. Also possibly having one of the best endings in any game I have played. Don’t miss this. Avoid its sequel though, trust me on that.


The Banner Saga

This game is hard to pin down- part visual novel, part tactical role playing game, and part Oregon trail style management simulator. An extremely strong story which adapts to your play style (or at least makes you feel like does). The gameplay is challenging and fun (think Final Fantasy Tactics).  The music and art style are also one of the strong points as they take the viking era theme pretty seriously. Almost every part of the game looks like an impressive painting.



In this game you control the “Boy” who is guided in a post apocalyptic word by a mysterious narrator who narrates everything the player does, even mocking him sometimes.  Fans of Portal will like really like this. But the game also offers a unique art style and one of the best gaming soundtracks ever. Even if you dont usually like action RPG’s give this game a shot.


Divinity: Original Sin

This is the latest entry to this list and one of the biggest surprises of this year. The game was a result of a successful kickstater aimed to revive a long ignored genre of tough as nails top down RPG’s à la Planescape Torment.  The game accommodates for a wide variety of play styles and rewards you for being creative. Just be warned, this game is pretty tough.


Dragon Age Origins

I started playing this game on a fluke, as I got it on a sale- best decision ever. The story is extremely absorbing and has a mature fantasy twist. The game has multiple endings and you will want to play it from the start once you finish it the first time.


Mass Effect 2


Part 2 was considered the high point of the series, here the story was at its peak and all the major issues of its predecessor were fixed. This is a shooter RPG, as in you need some experience with shooting games to be truly good in the harder difficulties. Though it still allows you to play with a slightly different approach. I would suggest skipping part 3 as it completely derails the trilogy. But if you do have the time, don’t skip part 1.


Fallout: New Vegas

This was a hard choice for me, as Fallout 3 is a classic as well. In the end New Vegas won for me as it fixed a lot of the glaring issues of its predecessor while adding a welcome level of complexity. The story is a little weaker but it allows more options, and I think that’s better for the series as Fallout 1 and 2 were similar in this regard. Either way, this game is a classic, you control an amnesiac who tries to retrace his steps and gets involved in to a intricate mystery.


The Witcher II

This is one of the most mature games I have ever played. This game covers so many topics in its deeply well made world, while having one of the strongest story-lines I have seen in a video game. I can’t recommend this enough, just go play it. You wont regret it.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Ah, the big one. If you only play one RPG from this list then it should be this. This game has everything, and you will easily sink weeks into it while only scratching the surface. Not only are there hundreds of side quests in addition to the main story, but you can also marry, build a house and start a crafting business. In a way its a life simulator and for an RPG that’s one of the biggest compliments one could give it.



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