Top 10 Strongest Armies in the World

Here are some of the strongest and most powerful military forces in the world. These countries have militaries to be proud of, and something they are using to leverage regional (and in some cases global) influence. I present to you the 10 strongest armies in the world.




Being in conflict with India since independence has made this nation become extremely militarily obsessed. Having an army of 1.1 million soldiers including reserves. They have a historic alliance with China, and are a major non-NATO ally of the US. They have good upper leadership, and possess nukes. Their navy is the same size as that of the UK, and have 9,000 tanks. Recently they have started focusing their efforts in combating terrorism.




Despite countless jokes at their expense, the French have one of the strongest armies in the world. They have focused most of their military efforts in Africa, with deployments in Chad, Mali, and many other countries. They also have considerable nukes, a strong economy and alliances all over the globe. Their navy is strongest of the three branches.


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After WWII, the German population became anti-war until very recently when they have started playing a role in the world stage. This is mostly due to their involvement in the NATO, UN mandated peace keeping forces, and the deteriorating situation in Ukraine. They have started sending troops to eastern-Europe. As well as having abolished conscription, to turn their army into a professional volunteer army. They also spend $45 per year, making them the 8th largest spenders in the world. The pride of their army though are their extremely effective tanks, the “Leopard II”.


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Israel having a history of hostile neighbors, many having the express wish to destroy their state, has made the country extremely militarily focused. Despite having a small army of 180,000 soldiers, they are extremely well trained, well equipped due to their strong economy and strong ties to the US. They also possess nukes, and their nieghbors don’t. They also have conscription (including women) and due to the constant conflicts they got involved in, they are also one of the most battle trained armies on Earth. Lastly they also have one of the best missile defence systems, “The Iron Dome”, which is going to be upgraded soon.


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After the fall of the Ottomans, Turkey has had a policy of strategic depth called “Neo-Ottomanism”, which means that they spread their influence to states formerly under the empire. Much like what Russia, is doing in the former Soviet states.  They don’t maintain a large army, just 600,000 soldiers including all reserves, but what counts is that they are growing their national budget rapidly, they also have a strong military presence in Cyprus (claimed by them), and they are also part of the NATO. They also have conscription for all males turning 18.


United Kingdom
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In terms of relative size of the armed forces they are small in comparison with the next four powers, but they are able to project themselves on the global sphere due to superior training, high tech weaponry coupled with a respectable fleet and an air force. A classic example of quality over quantity. Not to mention their nuclear arsenal and a respectable position in the NATO.



Being sandwiched between two hostile neighbors, named China and Pakistan, has made them focus considerably on their military. They have recently became the the largest importer of military goods, and have started pursuing a major modernization drive. Most of their focus is on their abysmal relationship with Pakistan, as they are trying to implement a “Cold Start” doctrine which supposedly allows them to rapidly deploy and defeat their armed forces before nuclear weapons can be used.



Even though they have the third largest military budget (after China and the US), and one of the 5th largest army by manpower (and have mandatory military training), they are still under equipped and utilizing legacy Soviet era weaponry. With that said, since Putin came to power, they have started steadily modernizing. They also possess the largest nuclear arsenal on Earth. Lastly they also still have considerable influence due to having massive amounts of natural resources, and strong relations with the former soviet states.


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The Chinese army, otherwise known as the People’s Liberation Army Ground Forces is also the largest standing military force on Earth. In recent years, they have started a massive expansion policy of their armed forces to exert their influence as a rising superpower. Though they have a significant technological gap with the US, they are closing it rapidly with a rapidly growing educated population and espionage. They are also one of the first major powers to understand the power of cyber warfare to steal state secrets and disrupt their rivals. As of today, their largest sources are of conflict come from the South China Sea, and from Japan over the possession of several strategically located islands.


The United States
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Think for a second, the US has been at war for 214 years out of its 235 years of independence. Talk about war experience. Accounting for the largest defence budget on Earth, being larger than the next 13 nations combined. And having the largest airforce on earth of 13,000 aircrafts, utilizing them with the largest aircraft carrier fleet of 19, (compared to the rest of the world total of 12) they are easily able to spread global influence. Not only this but they also lead the NATO which has historically been the most successful alliance, and have favorable alliances with most of the world powers. Lastly lets not forget about how well trained their professional army is, and them possessing the world’s second largest nuclear arsenal. They safely take the first place.



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