Top 10 Most Frightening Recordings To Scare Your Pants Off

This list will be part of a series we are making on interesting and incredible recordings. Starting off with the most frightening recordings, to keep with the Halloween spirit. Enjoy.

Warning- Listener discretion advised. Every single one of the linked recordings are extremely disturbing, and are not for the faint of heart.


The Ghost Song

The song is a collection of noises which sound human, but you feel they are not. At some points I even felt like I heard some words. The song has a story behind it- that its creator was driven by madness by it, and killed himself shortly after finishing the song.


Kelly Thomas Death Recording

This requires some background knowledge- Kelly Thomas was a homeless schizophreniac man living on the streets of California. This is a story about police brutality, as he died from being beaten up by three police officers. The saddest part is that all three of them got away not guilty. The footage is his death recording, you can hear him beg for his life, and scream “Dad! Dad!”. Here is the recording.


Gloomy Sunday

Here is another song which led to suicide. But in this case the number was atleast 19 with the 20th being the original songwriter himself (his wife later killed herself too). The legend is that anyone who listened to it wanted to commit suicide. Its an old Hungarian song and the recording was a bit difficult to find. Its called “Gloomy Sunday”, and it was banned in many countries. During the world war it was played on American radio and immediately the government, banned the song from playing because it was detrimental to the wartime morale. The first link is the original Hungarian version, while the second is the English version of the song (it sounds exactly the same as its Hungarian counterpart, only difference is that we can understand it), play attention to the lyrics. The song is kind of nice (in a creepy way). But they say it has a subliminal message inside it.


The Groupie

So, there was a girl at a party thrown by Marilyn Manson, and that over the course of the party she was asked to do more and more disturbing acts. Which included being taunted by Manson and drinking a glass of urine. And Manson was recording the whole thing throughout, and never made it clear to anyone in the party if this was all an act or if it was real. At the end she is tied to a chair while she is crying, and that is the part you see in this video (from the 50 second mark onwards), which is the only part of the original video he released. He wanted to release the whole video, but his manager told him that he will be arrested and would permanently end his career if anyone else saw it.


Lost Cosmonaut Recording

The story behind this is that the soviets sent the first woman in space in 1961. She was orbiting the Earth and on reentry, something went wrong. She is complaning about increasing temperature and seems scared at the end. Three days after the incident, there were reports from a soviet news agency that a large unmanned satellight burnt upon reentering our atmosphere. They deny if any cosmonauts were involved.

If you open the link, the video description includes the complete translation of what she is saying.


9-11 Phone Call

Not much to explain here, a man called 911, while he was on one of the towers. He is extremely panicked and is explaining the situation from his prespective upto his final moments.


Jonestown Massacre

This massacre was the most deadly non-natural disaster for the US until the 911 attacks. The background is pretty long but I will try to summarise it for you. Jim Jones was a preacher, he founded a racially integrated church in Redwood Valley, California. He wanted to make a communist community, so he leased some land in Guyana, and moved his followers there. There he founded Jonestown. Living conditions were hellish, and people were not allowed to leave, becuase of the use of armed guards. Congressman Ryan visits the town and though he seems impressed by it, he offers that if anyone wants to go back to the mainland, they can go with him. Few accept out of fear of Jones’ reaction. On the way back the congressman is attacked by Jonestown guards, and dies. Jones out of fear from US retaliation, scares his followers into thinking that suicide is the best option. Those who refused were encouraged by the armed guards. More than 900 people died that day. The recording is of thier final moments. Here it is. 


The Original Night Stalker

This is an unsolved crime case. The night stalker was a serial killer and rapist who operated in Sothern California (second entry having California in it). He was never identified and is responsible for atleast 13 murders and more than 50 rape victims. The last known contact from the stalker was a taunting phone call he made to one of his victims in 1991. This is the recording.


Aztec Death Whistle

This is a reconstruction of what a variety of Aztec whistles sounded like. The creepiest, has been nicknamed the “Whistles of Death,” as they were supposedly played right before victims were sacrificed to the gods. It was probably the last sound heard by countless victims.


David Parker Ray’s Toybox Tape


David Parker Ray was a serial killer and a known torturer of women. He used to kidnap women and keep them in a soundproof truck trailer, equipped with torture tools. He called it the “Toybox”. To prevent the women from reporting the crimes, he used to drug them. Making them think that it was just a nightmare. This is the recording they used to hear after being kidnapped.



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