Top 10 Messed Up People You Never Heard Of

Generally speaking, I like to err on the side of optimism about humanity. Sure we are a fairly young species, but we have really progressed in the past 100,000 years or so. We have gone from living in caves and murdering Neanderthals (and possibly screwing them too) to the super hadron collider and iPhones. There have been incredible people like Mark Twain and Martin Luther King who both believed that all men deserve to be treated equally despite their differences. And then there were a few psychos like Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein who were not above murdering those who they called brothers and sisters. Humanity is a coin that glimmers on one side but corrodes on the other, and though I’d like to believe that most people are at least in some part good this list today will be focusing on some of the worst people that have ever existed whose names aren’t Dahmer, Hitler, Gacy, or Sandusky.

For the purpose illumination and not morbidity this list is important in giving us an idea of what people are capable­­­­­ of and also to remember that these atrocities were committed. Yes, these are some of the lesser evils, but not in terms of magnitude only in terms of infamy. Here are the top ten messed up people you never knew about.


Karen Greenlee


It’s one thing to be a closet necrophile who does the horrible deed under the cover of darkness with alibis and other means of covering your tracks. There “normally” exists a level of shame in getting it on with a partner who just plain can’t consent hence why we don’t have necro-dating sites (yet). However, every once in a while someone boldly proclaims to the world there love for the deceased flesh (and I’m not talking about zombies or cannibals): enter Karen Greenlee. The year was 1979 and the fresh faced 22 year old apprentice embalmer decided to have an afternoon delight with her cargo as opposed to delivering the33 year old corpse to the Cemetery.

Of course one time is a fluke but after she was done scavenging bones she decided to pen a four page letter in which she confessed to all sorts of lurid situations with the dead and soon after decided to try and OD on codeine and Tylenol. Lucky for her she was found in the next county over by some cops and they rescued and charged her with interfering with a burial (at the time necrophilia wasn’t a crime apparently). So the next time you decide to make fun of Quentin Tarentino’s foot fetish just think about how much creepier his movies would be if He were like Ms Greenlee.

( Faraci, Davin. “Ghoul Of Your Dreams: Proud Necrophiliac Karen Greenlee.” Badass Digest. Badass Digest, 31 Oct. 2013. Web. 05 Jan. 2014. Link)



Muhammad Riaz


There is apparently a scale for necrophiles. At the lowest level you have role players—people who still have sex with the living but pretend that they are dead. At the highest level you have exclusive necrophiliacs, or those who will not have intercourse with the living. You wanted the Darkside of Humanity well you got it. Muhammad Riaz was caught grey handed and arrested on October 29th 2011 for 48 counts of necrophilia.

He was the caretaker of a local Cemetary in Paposh Nagar– a neighborhood of North Nazimabad Town in Karachi, Pakistan—the residents found him running away from the cemetery having previously defiled a freshly buried woman. According to police Riaz nearly joined many of his lovers as when the mob who chased him learned of his crimes of passion well they wanted him to rest in pieces. We must all admit if nothing else that Riaz had impeccable timing; if only he had just waited 2 more days, than this would have been the perfect story just in time for Halloween.

( Graveyard Caretaker Held for Necrophilia.” Pakistan Today. Pakistan Today, 30 Oct. 2011. Web. 05 Jan. 2014. Link)



John Burge


Think about doing anything 200 times better yet think about doing something awful 200 or more times. It’s a pretty decent sized number now imagine that the number 200 represents a group of people that were tortured not at your request or at your command but by your very own hands. Well Mr. Burge– who at the time was the Commander over Violent crimes with the Chicago Police Department– has the distinct and dubious honor of torturing over 200 criminal suspects many of who were later tried and released due to false confessions. His favorite methods of torture included anything that would cause an electrical shock including: cattle prods, violet wands, and cut phone wires still plugged into the wall. And where would he place these wonderful devices, you ask? Well (guys cross your legs), the genitals, the anus, and the face.

Burge also like burning people with lit cigarettes and hitting people over the head and face with phone books. The goal was essentially to leave as few marks as possible in an effort to skirt by the law he was so committed to upholding. In 1982 officer Burge was found to have tortured a suspect so badly that it sent the man to the hospital. in 1992 he was fired, in 2002 he went to trial, and finally in 2011 he was given a “harsh” four and a half year sentence for his 200 crimes. Justice isn’t always just.

(“Jon Burge.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 05 Jan. 2014. Link)



David Thorstad


While never convicted of anything of the like one has to really question the motivations of David Thorstad in found an organization like NAMBLA in 1978 (North American Man Boy Love Association) . Indeed he helped break the ground for what is possibly the creepiest and just plain messed up organizations out there. While he could be commended for his commitment to the Gay Rights movement nearly all of his positive works is almost negated when one thinks about the possibility that this man is essentially advocating pedophilia. For some this might seem a questionable entry on the list but his association with such an awful organization firmly cements him into his place on this list.

(“David Thorstad.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 05 Jan. 2014. Link)



Diane Sue Whalen and Donald Roy Siegfried


You never know anybody’s circumstance perhaps the couple was really bored one day but couldn’t they have just watched Breaking Bad on T.V. or something other than what they did? Enough teasing, in 2008 Ms. Whalen had sex ….lots of it… with dogs. As a matter of fact, there are 150 videos of Whalen doing as her name suggest with her three dogs, while Siegfried filmed. The couple was charged with crimes against nature and the three dogs were sent to a no kill shelter. Siegfried went free while Whalen received a five year suspended sentence.




Ozgur Dengiz


Let’s cut to the chase here Ozgur has a nasty little cannibalistic streak. He killed his first victim when he was seventeen years old, but only served 3 years in prison for it. After he got out in 2007 Ozgur killed a computer engineer after a dispute about whether or not he could afford a laptop or not. The” Cannibal of Ankara” killed his final victim Cafer Er on September 12 2007, via gunshot to the head; he then skinned and partially dismembered Cafer Er for later consumption one could assume.

Afterwards Ozgur dumped the body shortly before returning home, where he gave some of the leftover flesh to his pet dog and stored the rest for later consumption. However on September 14 2007 after Er had been missing for a few day the police apprehended Dengiz. The man eater was found to be mentally unfit to atone for his crimes, and he is currently serving a sentence at a Psychiatric treatment facility in Turkey.




Benny Sela


Perhaps this is a case that we can chalk up to the failing of the foster care system in Israel but that in no way decreases the magnitude and disturbing nature of Benny Sela’s crimes. Between the years of 1995 and 1999 in the city of Tel Aviv Sela committed at least 24 and as many as 34 forcible rapes. Creatively enough he became known as the “Tel Aviv Rapist.”

In many of the instances Sela would prey on women during the night, and while the women slept in their home Sela would break in and commit his atrocious acts. His modus operandai was holding the women at knifepoint or videotaping his crimes and threatening to release the videos to their friends. On one occasion Sela allegedly raped a woman while her two daughters lay beside her asleep. The Tel Aviv Rapist’ reign of terror was something many in Israel will never forget; Sela gave many women a reason to get home before the streetlights came on.




Ken Estrabrooks


Like Mr. Burge it takes a special kind of jerk to abuse the power of being an officer of the law; men who are supposed to be pillars of justice and uphold the law. How did Officer Estrabrooks use his power to help those around him? He didn’t instead he wielded his power to abuse and assault upwards of 260 individuals between the years of 1957 and 1998. And he wasn’t even fired and retired in 1998. He was first taken to trial in 1975 and even after admitting that he abused children sexually; instead of being permanently removed from his position, he was merely transferred to another department.

In 1997 new allegations occurred and the process started itself all over again and by 1999 Estrabrooks had finally been convicted. The world did not weep in 2005 when Estrabrooks found himself the victim of cancer dying at the age of 78. Sadly, due to cover ups and internal subterfuge many of the victims will never see justice for the atrocities from which they suffered from.




Miyuki Ishikawa


Killing Adults makes you a pretty awful person in most people’s books killing children even worse. Killing babies put you somewhere between Satan and any organism that calls a sewer its home. Miyuki Ishikawa committed anywhere from 103 to 169 cases of infanticide. And the worst part of it all was that she was the very woman who was charged to take care of them: she was a midwife. She operated out of the Kotobuki Maternity Hospital and between the years of 1944 and 1948 is when she committed the bulk of her heinous crimes. Miyuki would finally atone for the crimes in 1948 when she was finally caught.

Two police officers accidentally discovered the remains of five infants in a bag in an abandoned bag. After discovering 30 or more skeletons in a local mortician’s office an investigation began and arrows pointed back at Ishikawa. Found guilty of crimes of omission Ishikawa only ended up served eight years in prison. Many theorize that it was Ishikawa’s inability to bear children of her own that led to her cold and detached demeanor when it came to allowing infants to die in such a manner and think nothing of it.




Luis Garavito


Welcome to hell ladies and gentlemen. If you have made it this far you should know and deserve to know just how deep the rabbit hole of human sadism goes. I present to you all Luis Garavito aka “La Bestia.” Dahmer killed 17, Gacy killed 34+, Bundy killed 35+ and then there is Luis Garavito who has a confirmed body count of 138 killings more than all three combined. Garavito’s crimes occurred within 59 different counties around Columbia. Many believe that due to the fact that he operates out of a country with a weak political system and rampant economic and social issues that Garavito was able to operate under the noses of many police agencies going completely unnoticed.

However the real kicker is that Garavito is believed to have killed around 400 children. He confessed to his murders in 1999 but due to the fact that many of the children were poor street dwellers many of them were never reported missing. To make matters even worst before dispatching many of the children he gained their trust by giving them money gifts. He would later rape many of them before murdering them and dismembering their bodies. He is currently serving a thirty year sentence but due to his cooperation and what many see as good behavior he could end up with an even lesser sentence.

( link )


It’s kind of scary to think that there is still a small proportion out there that makes up for the inherent vice within us all. Though, not all criminals are created equally. There are those who seem to slip by because of time or their infamy never materializes for other reasons. Whatever the case may be , just know that there are a great deal of things far worse than you could ever imagine hiding far beneath the surface of everyday life, and it just slips by without many of us even batting an eye.


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