Top 10 Best Occult Books For Beginners

Getting into the world of grimoires, magick, and the occult is a daunting task. This world is eerie, and getting started is not easy. Well here are the best occult books to get you started, and hopefully guide you on what to do next.


The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Secret Teachings of All Ages - Best Occult Books - List Ogre

This is the book you have to start with. It is basically the encyclopedia of the occult, complete with diagrams (though I am not a complete fan of all of them), and detailed information about symbolism. It also covers the Kabbalah, Tarot, and Pythagorean philosophy extremely well. Reading this book will be your primer, and set you up for the more difficult works ahead.

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The Book of Thoth

Book of Thoth - Best Occult Books - List Ogre

Before we go further, you all need to know about Aleister Crowley. He claimed to be a reencarnation of the famous occult philosopher John Dee. I can devote a whole page on his life and exploits (which included being a secret agent), but important thing to know is that he was one of the most important writers of the occult. The Book of Thoth is now one of the most important book for the members of the Golden Dawn (organization devoted to the occult and the paranormal), and this book is also probably one the best explanations on the mysteries of the Tarot.

It is linked to the Thoth Deck (as opposed to the other more popular Rider Deck), and the Thoth deck is considered more powerful, and more difficult to understand. Don’t dive in to this book, without getting your basics set about Tarot cards, or this book will go over your head (I recommend ‘The Pictorial Key to the Tarot‘).

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Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Three Books of Occult Philosophy - Best Occult Books - List Ogre

This book is considered the foundation book of western occultism for good reason. Covering topics like, geomancy, magic squares, and most importantly the soul of the world. This book is also extremely practical, and has how-to instructions on divination and natural magic. Don’t miss out on this book, as many later works build on it. This book is a must read book on the topic.

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Living Wicca

Living Wicca - Best Occult Books - List Ogre

Wicca, is cult of modern witchcraft, originating in 20th century England, and builds upon pre-christian pagan traditions. This is also an extremely practical book, and has instructions on developing your own symbols, making a book of shadows, and also becoming a priest or priestess yourself. Even if you are not into practicing Wicca, the book teaches to be more aware of the mundane world around you, and look at it in a spiritual way.

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Pharmako/Poeia - Best Occult Books - List Ogre

Now we can move to more obscure works of the occult. This is a book about herbalism, full of recipes. It looks into herbs which effect the mind. Things like Salvia, and Kava Kava. But it does not read like a boring encyclopedia, the book is poetic and covers all factors of these herbs. If you are interested in the topic, this is your starting point. The books are also extremely beautiful.

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Initiation into Hermetics

Initiation into Hermetics - Best Occult Books - List Ogre

Hermeticism are tradition based on the writings of  Hermes Trismegistus (Thrice Great). Which states there are three parts of wisdom in the universe, alchemy, astrology, and theurgy (invoking gods by rituals). This book contains step by step instructions on developing your mind, body and soul. It also contains a great explaination of the astral plane, and  the great mystery of the Tetragrammaton. The book will also attempt to teach you clairvoyance and astral travel.  Truly one of the best occult books of all time.

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Northern Mysteries and Magick: Runes & Feminine Powers

Northern Mysteries and Magick: Runes & Feminine Powers - Best Occult Books - List Ogre

When delving into the topic of the occult, the Norse were extremely influential. Runes are extremely powerful, and have enormous symbolic powers. This book will teach you on how to use rune spreads, using them for magick, and shamanic chanting and drumming. This is rightly considered a classic, and will be a solid entry point into the world of Norse mysteries.

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Hands-On Chaos Magic

Hands-On Chaos Magic - Best Occult Books - List Ogre

I think this is the most practical book available on getting started on chaos magic. It uses a very pragmatic approach to the concept of belief, and utilizes a lot of unorthodox methods. The book is not very long, but is extremely dense with ideas. Pace it slowly, and try to do the exercises.

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Prometheus Rising

Prometheus Rising - Best Occult Books - List Ogre

This book teaches you how to alter your brain, period. It first teaches you how brain washing works, then teaches you on how to brain wash yourself, for positive goals. It covers in detail on how the eight circuits of the brain work, and on how to use it as a guide. Trying the exercises is the only way to see if they work, but people swear by it.

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Liber ABA

Liber ABA - Best Occult Books - List Ogre

This is Crowley’s magnum opus. It covers the law of Thelema, and all of Crowley’s most important rituals. This book is pretty much the be-all-end-all on the topic. The book is extremely complicated and scholarly though, and unless you have formed a good foundation on the occult, you will have a very hard time. Though it is still possible to dive in to this book straight. It also contains one of the best explanations on yoga. Clearly a classic worthy of being called one of the best occult books.

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Books for an advanced reading – Advanced Magick for BeginnersTranscendental MagicIllusion of Life, The Book of Lies, and 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley.



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