Top 10 Health Related Excuses to Have Sex

Marriage Counselors and Psychologists both agree that having sex 2-3 times a week is a happy marriage. Sex is something that has been researched and complexly experiment with for probably longer than recorded history.


“I’m stressed honey!”

Sex, also known as “The Dirty Dance” and “Bumping Uglies,” lowers blood pressure and stress levels by the climaxing release of endorphins in the brain. Hey, fellas, use the little tid-bit on your ladies if she uses “I’m too stressed” excuses. In addition to the release of endorphin, it heightens concentration and senses, thinking power, improves mental health and memory, and leaves you in a better, relaxed mood. So, ladies, if you give him some, he’ll remember to bring you home some flowers, along with tacking out the trash and doing the yard work.



“I’m going for a workout!”

Regular, consistent sex raises the levels of testosterone in men, and estrogen in women. By this occurring within us, interesting things happen on the outside, too. Like weight loss, improved strength and endurance, better complexion of the skin, shinier hair for the ladies, while facial hair the men, and improves our sleep, thus healing and recovering must faster.



“I got a doctor’s appointment babe!”

Serious medical issues can be helped and avoided by regular sex. For women, it helps lower the chances of heart disease and diabetes. And for men, lowers the chances of Alzheimer’s and bone-brittleness. However, there is one big important avoidance in sex…The Big C—Cancer. That is right, sex actually lower the chances of many types of cancer. Oddly enough, sex lowers your chances of getting sick all together. Thanks to increased hormone levels, white blood cell production and other immune systems contributors are shifted into high gear. Thus, no colds, fevers, and most infections. It can also help with a fever you already have!



Orgasm for Cancer

The climax of both parties is the “pièce to rèsitance,” the magical ending. For women, reaching climax lowers the risk of heart disease, strokes, breast cancer, and even depression. Studies have shown that consistently having orgasms builds pain tolerance and lowers the likelihood of headaches. So, ladies, if you truly have a headache, and he’s begging, surprise him and say “YES!” You will feel better.



“I remember!”

Sex on a regular basis not only helps us with our bodies, but with our minds, as well. For men, having sex lowers the chances of Alzheimer’s and strokes, and improves memory and brain function. This is thanks to balanced chemicals in your brain due to a consistent release of endorphins. By this, it also contributes to better sleep. Aside from better sleep and memory, the balanced chemicals help keep you in a better, calmer moods, both men and women. In addition, it boots self-motivation, self-confidence, and self-esteem.



“It’s a good workout!”

Who does not want to lose weight? Just 30 minutes of sex can burn 200 calories. That is roughly seven calories a minute! A 30-minute sex session is equivalent to running laps or being on the treadmill. Now, what would be easier and more fun? Sex. You would not have to leave the house, do it multiple times a day, and shower together, afterwards.



I’m so happy! and I mean it!

In addition to the mental and physical health factors, studies and psychiatrists show that couples having sex at least four times a week are happier, closer, communicate more, and are more in harmony with each other. Moreover, being happier is the ideal goal in a successful relationship. He will open up more, and he will tell you all that you want to hear, ladies, all he needs is a little…motivation.



“I don’t need to go!”

During sex, many parts of our bodies are being exercised and strengthened. Surprisingly, one part in particular is being worked out that may help in emergencies. That part is bladder control! More so in women, but none the less, it helps men, too. Yes, having sex helps you hold you’re pee-potty longer.




Age defying creams? They are too expensive and may cause skin irritation and cancer. On the other hand, sex is free and can help older women look seven to 12 years younger, with a side of disease prevention. With younger women, their skin becomes naturally softer—no more constantly using lotion—and a livelier glow. In addition to looking younger and softer skin, women’s hair is shinier and nails grow faster and stronger.



PMS is no longer a problem

Ladies, only women know how dreadful periods truly are. However, there is a way to lighten them and have fewer, less severe cramps. That is sex, of course. Honestly, I cannot think of counter argument for this one in particular.

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