Top 10 Most Interesting Things On The Deep Web

If you already didn’t know, let me tell you this again the web that you can access with your average browser is only around 10-15% of the internet, the rest is known as the ”Deep Web”. Here we have a compiled a list of some of the most interesting things on the deep web.

The deep web can be accessed through TOR browser among other select browsers. Also if you need some other links to the deep web then here you go.

Editor’s Note- For obvious legal reasons, we won’t provide you with any direct links to any of the things mentioned. The above linked directory is all we will and can provide. Again we take no responsibility to what people take from this list. It’s intended to be purely educational and to be taken as entertainment.


Credit Cards

Ever wanted to get loads of money to spend? Here’s the place for you. There are people willing to steal credit card information for the right amount.



The deep web is full of all sorts of creepy fantasies. I’d rather not go into the details but trust me whatever it is you are looking for you definitely find it. Also there’s a guy who broadcasts a live hidden webcam show of his own sister, so if you’re into that kind of stuff.



There is a whole bunch of sites where you can find people to hack anything for you, be it is your ex’s account or a top secret government website. These guys are up for anything.


Thieves/ Burglars

Okay so this one pretty unique, while browsing the deep web one fine day I found this site where a guy claims to steal anything that you want him to steal. After he successfully acquires your product he even sends a photo to prove he actually has it. The guy even has list of items that are up for sale, that people ordered but never actually claimed them.



Match Fixing

All sorts of illegal betting and match fixing goes down here. Gone are the days when a shady man with piece of paper was the only way you could bet money, here with click of a button you can do as you please.




Okay, before you start telling me that you could get a gun at the corner store, this one is not for ‘Murica. For the people in Europe, if you want to get a gun this is probably where you’ll get one.



At first I wasn’t too sure about this one myself, but then I saw the pictures they posted as proof that these guys actually mean business. Getting someone killed is as you expect not cheap but from the looks of it, they’ll get the job done.



Human Experimentation

This is where some of the most screwed up stuff happens. There are people doing experiments of all kinds on real live human subjects, which are mostly homeless people picked off streets. I came across this site (not for the weak hearted) where this guy used to pick up orphans and other people off streets and sold them as sex dolls. Here’s where it starts to get disturbing. He cuts off their arms and legs, closes all openings that is the eyes, mouth, ears, you get the idea. It’s not over yet he also offers the options of having hooks installed so that you can hang your sex doll anywhere.


Government Secrets


If you are one of those people that loves to think that everything is a conspiracy theory, the deep web offers every conspiracy theory that any one has imagined. Also there are many government secrets out there. Recently some were taken down by the FBI, so you better hurry! (The number 10 entry on this list, could be linked to this)




Perhaps the most famous thing about the deep web is the fact that you can get every drug ever made. Ranging from premium quality marijuana to pills and acid. Don’t worry they are very discreet in their packaging and delivery. You might have even heard of ‘The Silkroad’ which was the most credible source for some fine bud or anything else before it got taken down very recently.


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