Top 10 Messed Up Human Experiments

Here is a list of some of the most messed up human experiments ever in human history.


Human experiments


One of the most controversial CIA projects, which started in the early 1950s and being  officially sanctioned in 1953. The project involved testing the effects of drugs, primarily LSD on unaware people. The test subjects were mainly men who were lured in through fake brothels with the drugs being administered by prostitutes.


Dr. Shiro Ishii

At the time of World War 2, developments in the field of biological warfare were on the rise. Unit 731 led by Dr. Shiro Ishii was one of the covert research facilities of the Japanese Imperial Army. Shiro performed vivisection on thousands of men, women and children majority of them being Chinese and around 30% being Russians. After the war Shiro Ishii and his team were granted immunity by the US in exchange for their data.


The Chamber

The Chamber was a secret Russian facility, headed by Ignatii Kazakov and is also know as Kamera. The facility was used to test the effects of various lethal gases compromising of mustard gas, ricin among many others. The basic objective of this experiment was to create a lethal gas which would be undetectable post-mortem.


The Monster Study

Conduced at the University of Iowa in 1939. The study involved 22 orphan children on whom the effects of stuttering were tested. The children were basically divided into two groups, half were given positive speech therapy while the other half were given negative speech therapy. The outcome was that the group of children given negative speech therapy actually started stuttering and experienced speech problems later on.


Nazi Twins Experiment

Although the list of experiments carried out by the Nazis is a long one, Mengele conducted a number of gruesome experiments on twins. The purpose was to create the perfect genetic combination. During the process the twins were photographed naked at times, there are also reports that his patients were completely stripped of all hair on their bodies.


The Aversion Project
Human experiments


During the 1970s as a cure to homosexuality a clinical psychiatrist in the South African army chemically castrated around 900 homosexuals. Other accounts also report of military personal forced to undergo sex changes as part of the cure.


Agent Orange
Human experiments


Ever notice how companies like Johnson & Johnson are so sure about their skin care products, well they should be. Agent Orange was a substance used by Albert Kligman on prisoners, the aim was to test it’s effects on the skin but in simple words it caused outbursts of acne and other skin diseases among the prisoners. It is also reported that Kligman had used almost 460 times the normal amount on his patients.


Guatemalan STD Study
Human experiments


This was a study conducted by the US on Guatemalan citizens in the 1940s. At this time penicillin was an established cure for syphilis and to test it out the US government infected the local population once again through prostitutes. Around 80 deaths are accounted for as a result of this project.


Willowbrook State School

Willowbrook State School was one the largest institutions in the US for mentally disabled children. The institute was the source of much controversy during the period of 1947-1987 when it was functional. The effects of hepatitis were observed in children who were infected through various means by the medical staff. The school was forced to close in 1987 as a result of public outcry.


The Manhattan Project

These were a series of experiments which started in 1945 the purpose being to test the effects of radiation on human health. It is believed that 18 people were injected with plutonium between 1945-1947 none of them survived. The patients were often poor homeless people who were unaware.

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