Top 10 Multiplayer Games That You Should Play

With the summers starting I felt the need to write this article, this is basically to help all of you burn away the rest of your days without ever seeing the light again. So here’s a list of some of the best multiplayer games.


Team Fortress 2

Completely unique from your everyday first person shooter, this is a very fun game to play. It has a vast multipayer network which makes it even better. You have a variety of game modes and player classes to mess around with which makes the game stand out even more.


World of Warcraft

This game has a massive multiplayer platform where you start out as a hero progressing on as you complete missions with other online players present in the same world. The game has been known to consume people’s lives.


Counter Strike

A classic I must say, initially developed as half-life modification the franchise was later bought by Valve. This is an instant favorite for any gamer out there. A genuine first person shooter set in various places around the globe.



No specific FIFA game in particular as they keep making a new one each year but the game in general is good to burn some time away with a couple of friends.



Once you start playing this with a couple of friends there is no going back, at least for a while. Basically an open world game where players can literally make anything. Ranging from creating tools to breading livestock to building a city with trains! Of course like every game it has it’s challenges but to help you through that the game has it’s own wiki. Highly recommended.


Tribes Ascend

This basically a six game series but for now we are focusing on the latest in the installment; Tribes: Ascend which is a multiplayer only game on Steam. Here’s the best part it’s free to play so you should definitely give it a shot.


Command and Conquer

This again a classic series with one of the more noticeable titles of the series of being C&C: Generals. Each game had it’s own multiplayer, initially all C&C and Red Alert cds had two copies of the game instantly enabling multiplayer. C&C: Red Alert 3 was the first of the series to get online multiplayer, allowing you a chance to destroy any of your friends in the battle field.


Borderlands 2

An action role-playing first person shooter, at the time of it’s release Borderlands 2 received a very positive response but now it has come to attention that it’s multiplayer has been plagued by hackers  but still worth playing I would say.


Dota 2

With over 6.5 million players Dota 2 is arguably the best multiplayer game. The game is highly addictive and by highly I do mean the end of your life as you know it. Dota is also Steam’s most played online game. In more recent news the prize pool for the winners of the International has set records by crossing $9.5 million mark and is expected to be  a massive $10 million pool.



One of the most famous multiplayer games of all time, Starcraft is one of the best real time strategy games that we have ever been blessed with. Combine those two things and we have a winner!

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