About Us

As you have already figured out by now, we are a list site. And more importantly a top 10 site. That means we only post top 10 lists. Many people think that limits our content possibilities. Those people have clearly never written a list. A surprising amount of knowledge can be transferred in a simple top 10 list.

List Ogre is dedicated to knowledge-

We promise to deliver atleast one new list everyweek, we don’t take holidays. Hopefully.

We allow anyone to join-

Here at List Ogre, we think all lists deserve to be published. That’s why anyone can send us a list to publish (if it roughly meets our criteria). Also if you are interested in a job, head to our contact page.

Is “List Ogre” one word?

Not really. Unless you want it to be.

Tell us something about yourselves-

We are an extremely small team working on this site. All of us have strange interests and weird quirks.  A very odd bunch, to be honest.

What type of people come here?

Most of our traffic comes from an age group of 18-30. And generally people of above average intelligence (a sneaky compliment for you). We get roughly one thousand views or more per day. Our most popular lists can get up to ten thousand views per day.

If you are an interested advertiser or want us to do a sponsored post, we do offer above-the-fold ad spots (they appear on every page), kindly contact us.

We try to be the stuff dreams are made of-

We want this site to be your one stop place to get your daily interesting lists dosage.