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At List Ogre we believe that all lists should be have an equal opportunity for publication, hence your lists matter to us. Although at the moment we don’t offer financial compensation for writing, we do give you recognition with a link to your website or profile at the end of the list. You also get to keep all ownership rights of your list. We will actually polish up your list, add quality pictures to it (if you haven’t) and make it generally awesome for you, all on the house! So, if you have a list you want published, read on!

To submit-

  1. Think of a catchy title (“Top 10″ something)
  2. Write a good description
  3. Find 10 interesting items
  4. Add a link to your website or profile at the bottom of the list if you want us to promote it. Its our way of saying thank you.

But any list which doesn’t follow our guideline (for example – is written in any non-list form, or overly advertises something ) will be deleted instantly. You might need to read the List Ogre writers guide before posting (its mercifully short, plus it will give you some ideas about the topics and format):

Quick note- Once you submit a list, you may no longer edit it, but you can still message us here to request a modification.

You have two ways to submit a list-

  • Either make a quick account and submit it from the form below (recommended method, but if you are having issues, scroll down for alternate methods). You will see a “This page is restricted message” underneath this, just click “Log in”, register for an account, come back to this page, and you will see the submission form underneath.

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  • Submit without making an account (no pictures, links or emphasis, i.e bold, italics etc.  can be sent in this method). Use this method only if the above form does not work. 

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