Top 10 Strangest Websites Out There You’ve Never Heard Of

The internet can be a dark place. If you look deep enough, you find a raw and creepy underbelly. If you want to one step deeper in the rabbit hole, check out the creepy things on the deep web. Here are 10 of the strangest websites out there:

Warning! – Disturbing content.



973-eht-namuh-973 - Strangest Websites ListOgre

OK guys, if someone can explain this site which is clearly made by a mad man, in the comments section. I will be very thankful. Seriously go there and try to make sense out of it, it seems to be some website for a  demonic religious text.  But more likely, it seems to be hiding some code, or a hidden message. I spend 20 minutes and this “site” made no sense. Have a crack at it!



World Births and Deaths

V0017370 The birth of Benjamin and the death of Rachel. Oil painting Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images The birth of Benjamin and the death of Rachel. Oil painting after Francesco Furini. By: Francesco FuriniPublished: - Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0 - Strangest Websites ListOgre

This website is humbling, alarming, and depressing all at the same time. It shows in real time, the births and deaths all across the globe. On average, there seem to be three times the number of births, than the deaths. And the leaders in the birth rates seem to be China, India, and Nigeria. Though third place keeps changing. It makes you feel like your own world is so small, when you see so many deaths happening all around the globe. All those people had families and people are mourning them right now.



Plane Crash Info


So yes, there is a website dedicated to plane crashes. Why am I even surprised? Complete with pictures, casualty figures, and even recordings of their last moments.  Its the latter which is truly creepy.  Most of them seem like situations where the Pilot is simply confused on what is happening, but the truly sad ones are those where they know they are going to die and have accepted that fact. Warning- Loud screams. (Here is a list of more frightening recordings, if you are interested)



Best Gore


Do not visit this site. On a five minute cursory browsing session, I found mutilated corpses, branding, dead children, and cannibals. All of the items either have pictures or videos. If you really must visit, make sure you aren’t eating anything. Not only this is one of the strangest websites out there, it is probably the most horrifying as well. And you should probably use a VPN.




Creepypasta by popuche - Strangest Websites

This is a story writing website, where people weave extremely detailed plots which usually start of very plausibly, but at the end there is either a horrific murder, supernatural beings, suicide or a character losing their minds. The stories are extremely addictive, and you will regret reading them if you live alone (as that is a very common setting). This is also the birthplace of the Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, Penpal, Candlecove (my personal favorite), and of course Squidward’s Suicide. You should start with these, if you are new to the site.



SCP Foundation

night vale & scp foundation crossover by sunnyparallax - Strangest Websites

SCP stands for ‘Special Containment Procedures’. This is pretty much one of the strangest websites out there. Their job is to find and secure locations, entities, or objects which violate the “natural law”. Basically just like the Men in Black. All the entries recorded have a distinct serious and scientific style. But before someone runs off and takes it seriously, its a collaborative writing site, just like Creepypasta. If you liked that, you will love this site as well. Example of a top rated post.



Death Date

Death Date - Strangest Websites

Ever wondered, how long you have left to live? Look no further. Just enter your age, height, weight, and whether you smoke, do drugs etc. And within a few seconds you will hear a frightening timer and see how long you have left to live. Apparently, I have only 30 years left to live, so I better start scratching the bucket list faster. After playing around with the numbers a bit, I noticed that drugs, smoking, and being overwieght reduce your life span the most.



Skyway Bridge Jumpers


This bridge is a very popular suicide spot, with at least 207 confirmed suicides so far. With almost 10 suicides per year. This website, maintains meticulous records of all suicide attempts, with pictures and sometimes even videos.  I am not sure what the motivation of the site creator is to maintain such a website, but there it is.





This is a website similar to Best Gore, with a focus on face mutilation, beheadings, and suicides. There is more, I just don’t want to mention it. I also refuse to link it here. It is simply just best avoided, take my word for it.


Live Leak


In a few ways, it seems like a tamer version of GoreGrish. But it is pretty much full of accidental deaths, police footage, but there are also simple cringe videos of people singing badly, and some stupid funny videos in there. Its a very mixed bag, but I think it sums up all the strangest websites mentioned.



Here are some puppies for making it so far.



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