Top 10 Most Exotic Places to Travel

If you are in the mood to travel off the beaten path, check out these unique exotic places.



bagan again
Bagan is home to the largest and densest concentration of Buddhist temples and stupas in the world. Once a mighty city was eventually sacked by the mongols. Interestingly its not a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Arashimaya Bamboo Forest, Japan

The famous forest is literally littered with famous tombs, temples is close to the “Moon Crossing Bridge”.  Its worth exploring.


Mendenhall Ice Caves

After watching the film “Frozen”, I felt compelled to include an icy wonderland. The ice caves fit the bill. The caves exists because the glacier is melting and that means this place wont last long, enjoy it while you can.


Białowieża Forest

Ever wondered how Europe looked like pre-14th century? Even if you didn’t this is your answer. This is one of the best preserved forests in the world, and you can finally see what type of environment King Arthur saw when he was off exploring.



NE16VEi (1)
This is a Buddhist cave complex in Burma. Yes, I know this list has a lot of Buddhism related items, but these places are truly one of a kind. It contains 947 richly decorated caves in the complex.


North Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater in Northern Tanzania
Now for something completely different. Tanzania is one of the best places to go for a safari and home to Mount Kilimanjaro. Make sure to visit the Tarangire National Park, one of the last undiscovered jewels of Africa.


Caño Cristales

Known as the most beautiful river in the world, and even the “Liquid Rainbow”, is someplace you have to visit if you travel to South America. The river itself has no fish at all. Should be fun to swim in.


Mount Roraima

Say hello to the inspiration behind Conan Doyle’s Lost World and The Avatar. This place is literally out of this world. This mountain is in South America and is the basis of many of the legends of the indigenous people who lived there before the Europeans arrived. According to them this is the stump of a mighty tree that once held all the fruits and vegetables in the world.



The capital of the ancient Khmer empire, is home to the majestic Angkor Wat, the largest temple in the world. This is one of the best places to visit in Cambodia. It also seems like the jungle is taking back the temple.


Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan

This place is a little difficult to find. Its five hours away from Tokyo if you take the Nozomi high speed train. Its a 15 km long tunnel, which you should visit in April.


If you want to see more exotic places, check out places taken straight out of fairy tales.



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