Top 10 Movies Every Guy Should Watch

It’s extremely difficult to limit this list to only 10 movies, which is why I’ll cheat a little and sometimes mention more than one movie per list item. I’ll also try to cover all the major genres in the list. If you feel I left something out mention it in the comments section below. So, here are the movies every guy should watch-


Lord of the Rings Trilogy

 Okay, so this is my first cheat. I know a trilogy means more than one movie, but I already told you that I will follow the rule very loosely. This is a quintessential trilogy that every guy has to watch at least once in his life. The story is vast and with so much going on, you completely get lost in the world. Just make sure you watch the extended editions, for the full flavor. And see how a little hobbit and some friends save Middle-earth.


Pulp Fiction

This movie is probably one of the best (or the best) Tarantino¬†movie out there. He’s the guy who made ‘Django Unchained’ and ‘Inglourious Basterds’ (not a misspell). If you haven’t seen them already, they both deserve a watch as well. As for pulp fiction, it was one of the best non linear crime movies I have seen, but to be fair there isn’t a lot of competition in that department.


Any James Bond Film

That puts a lot of films on the table. Though what could be more manly than a spy movie? If don’t know where to start, go for the new ones first like Casino Royale.


Sin City

This movie seems more like a high quality TV show, as the movie is split into parts. Its based of the really good comic series of the same name. It’s a pretty suspenseful movie filled with high quality cinematography. I can’t sum up the story in this brief description because a lot is going on. You have to watch it.


Top Gun

Whenever I think of this movie, I get reminded of the song, Danger Zone. This movie had everything in it, action sequences and a surprisingly emotional story to wrap it all together. Best movie to watch with some beers.


Seven Samurai

A black and white film, you say? In Japanese? Whats it doing on this list? Well not only is it one of the best films ever made. Its an epic film about team work. A group of samurais who don’t totally get along are tasked with defending a village from raiders.



I will be totally honest here- this movie butchered history. Don’t expect to learn anything from it. It is however, an extremely satisfactory war movie and with its sequel’s release just around the corner you have all the more reason to give it a watch. Its based off a graphic novel, which makes it the second of its kind on this list (after Sin City). Basically its the story of how 300 Spartans, defended against a seemingly endless hoard of Persians. There is something inherently awesome of fighting against all odds.


The Hangover

Now for something funny. Its a story about how four friends are enjoying a bachelor party in Vegas when it suddenly goes horribly wrong when they wake up and cannot remember a thing, while one of their friends goes missing. They then retrace their footsteps. The first one was a classic, the sequels weren’t.



How can there be a list of movies for guys without a mafia movie? I have seen alot of mafia movies, and nothing beats the godfather (other than maybe ‘Godfather 2’). The movie is based around concepts of respect and duty. You wanted a manly movie? You got it. Watch how a powerful mafia family handles a changing world, and increasingly aggressive enemies.


Fight Club

This movie is based off the book with the same name. It deserves the top position because it literally explains it to you, on how to be a real man in this new world. On how to actually live, rather than have other people make your life for you. The movie itself is also brilliant, with a great twist in the end. You have to watch it at least twice to understand it.



Life is like the Shawshank Redemption, but with more tunneling through shit and no freaking redemption.Also I love historical things, creepy stuff, and videogames.

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